HiUnlock Server Xiaomi Auth Tool

What is that?

 Newer Xiaomi Qualcomm CPU devices after Redmi Note 5 needs authentication for flashing any firmware in EDL (Testpoint) mode. In market there is a lot of aftermarket tools for those operations but none of them using original Xiaomi Mi Flash for operation. Our tool is using Xiaomi Flash needs username and password only.

How to use?

 Do not forget, we do not sell end users or beginner shop keepers. It's an advanced tool usage is more complicated than any other tool in market when compared. Let's check the steps to start.

1- Connect device in EDL mode,

2- Change your Windows PC Region and language make it English & Europe

3- Unzip the tool, select flash firmware start to flash

4- Login your username and password

5- Click request flash and wait for 30 seconds flash will start. 

Note: If device stuck while flashing any image please try with eme mobile tool without sending loader.

How is the pricing?

 1 Auth job costs 1 Credit, currently some devices has more than 1 loader and some engineer firmwares also has provision that uses 1 auth and provise the UFS memory. We recommend the delete provision and if availabe progfirehouses to make single firehouse.

Terms & Conditions

 We don't have any responsibilities if our tool used for illegal purposes. This tool developed for education purposes. After you click request flash button if fail no refund. We don't offer find my mi (mi account) on devices flash. You can always request for refund to your non used credits, +44 7916 641385 please contact that WhatsAPP number for details.  Please be carefull, some devices even cost 3 credit beacause of provision and more prog firehouse loaders, please be carefull. 


Real Pictures of Tool

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