How to make payments?

Dear Client,

 We're currently accepting different payment system. And all of them Secure & Open to refund. Our best choice and recommend is Bitcoin [BTC] and USDT because both of crypto currencies has no fee at all and both can be automatically processed by our web. 

 When you login our web in right top you can see your name and under your name you can see +Add Funds menu. You can add funds automatically with that page as a link; you can click payment gateway to check other options, but default one is Turkish Banks. 

 Turkish Banks;
 Currently we're working with three Turkish Banks, İŞ Bank, Ziraat Bank, EnPara Bank. You can send those banks with Swift numbers too. But that payment method currently unfortunately not automated so you need to contact one of our customer representatives after deposit. 

 CoinBase Commerce;
 You can use it for paying with crypto currencies or CoinBase balance of yourself. It's completely automated and very trusted. But process can take up like an hour. 

 China Banks;
 Currently we have only one China Bank account and if you're in china it can be very good option to use it.

 Because of Skrill's daily limitation of depositing and withdrawing we're constantly changing Skrill addresses, so please ask for an Skrill address before send any amount. And after send, message our Customer Representatives to add your balance. 

 Currently PayPal account is under inspection for commercial usage. So please ask our customer representatives for PayPal address, but PayPal is instant process despite of being manual. 

 Credit & Debit Card;
 Yes we're accepting credit or bank cards to and all of them protect in MasterCard & visa servers, we're an officall for that type operations and that method is completely automated.  

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