What we do?


 As you you all know or imagine in our field (Information Devices Repairs) we need some softwares and tools to make solutions. We always bring you happiness with fully trusted long term business relations.  

 We sell Schematic / Electronic Diagram Tools to help you in hardware repairs, we sell credits for softwares which do firmware flashing, device unbricking, reading informations of devices and many more.

  One of our main partners is Estech Schematic we sell their Schematic tool which includes over 1000 devices schematics in order to help you in hardware repairs. One of our another main business partner is Ufi Team, they offers a special solution to flash firmwares Xiaomi devices in Brick modes. That process may help you to recover dead devices.

  Our iTunes Gift Cards category helps you to buy credits for your App Store account to redeem. In that way you can more securely buy applications and subscriptions from iTunes.com without credit card or bank card. This is one of our only solutions to you and since we buy in bulk or special prices we can offer you sometimes better prices than anyone else.

 Garena Free Fire Credits this is a game maybe you know, this game works for Android, iOS and iPadOS this game credits also available in us with fair prices if you having trouble to add your credit or debit card information or want better prices than normal in bulk sales you can use our services, we're giving you better prices and faster services.

 Amazon Gift Cards, for Amazon.com as you all know we also resell credits and balances in many other places, Amazon.com is only one of them we offer you to change your ideas and check our prices. Our prices in most cases way more cheeper and we give you codes instantly by API.

   EGSM Tool is one of most powerful tool afterwards DFT Pro and TR Tools Pro which we tell you later on. This tool beside all of them flashing in EDL Mode with Authorization. This tool also cuts credits per operation (flashing) but you can do unlimited QCN Read, QCN Write, Firmware Backup, Important Partitions (In device firmware) backup, google lock unlock in some cases and many more solutions. We recommend you that to have this tool in your computer already. Because that tool is very powerful and increase your business.This tool not only serves Xiaomi devices, but also server Infinity, Huawei, LG and Samsung with many more powerful operations.

 Razer Gold Gift Cards in other word PUBG Company is well know technical game company which helps you to buy credits in PUBG mobile and desktop (UnknownCash) this redeem cards in our stock when you order it will be replied instantly we will give the codes, codes have no warranty of course any problem we're here to help you with our best possible way but remember if you activate it in different account which you don't use we can't guarantee to refund or transfer balance.

 PUBG UC, credits for PUBG game to use in game and become more ranked, better place in game with any other competitor. You can add your account by Nickname or by buying Redeem Code yourself. We always recommend our clients to use Nickname and ID services, that way you can be sure about there is no wrong send.

 Xiaomi Auth Tools, it's our most ordered, most wanted most used category. In that category you can buy credits for your flashing tools to flash firmwares  in Xiaomi devices, that category cuts credits per operation. You can buy all Xiaomi Auth Flashing Tools credits from us. Most reputation in this tools are belong to XiaomiProTool.com and following list is AvatarAuthTool.com  and many more. All tools were official or third party seller, from www.HiUnlock.com you can order credits in those tools to your accounts. Those tools are very well known and selected tools for flashing in EDL Mode.

Well what's EDL Flashing? It's a firmware installation method for Qualcomm CPU devices if brand is Xiaomi, the process needs a third party tool to flashing. In that process there is an encryption which is not possible to break by hand, only some programs developers such as XiaomiProTool, XiaomiKingTool and other tools have solutions to flashing. So you can buy credits and you can use that credits to flash your device. If those tools servers is down and refunds us as a www.HiUnlock.com we can refund you too. 

 JCID Schematic is a very powerful Electronic ways and diagrams tool, that tools is includes more than 300 devices inside and you can check every model and their electronic components ohms, voltages and other details. There is also papers about explanation even some car keys schematic is included in JCID Schematic. We offer and recommend you to download and test it for free, if you want to continue afterwards it's possible to extend your time by buying recharge yearly or monthly codes from www.HiUnlock.com

 DFT Pro is very selected (over 10,000 user is selected and used) tool for Android devices only. DFTPro is including root maker for Samsung devices, Patch for fixing network (3G, 4G) issues in MediaTek CPU devices. NVRam, NVData Backup for any MediaTek Devices, Qualcomm devices firmware flashing (without authorization) reading firmwares in Qualcomm and MediaTek devices. ADB mode FRP Unlock, EDL Mode FRP Unlock and baseband fix, modem flashing, and many more.

 TR Tools Pro was first tool in world which does temporary bootloader unlock in Xiaomi devices. That method is still working but only fixed for latest devices. Those method is no required any authorization, so people love it for their devices. All technicians shop keepers should have DFT Pro and TR Tools because those tools are supporting almost every model with yearly fair prices and no credits required for any operation they offer.

 Hardware Tools category is our category for which is not have more option softwares. Those software activations has yearly renewals and oe year usage time after activation. Some of them over millions of users worldwide such as ZXW. Pragmafix is one of ıther tool which is supporting education in IT equipments repairs. They also offer schematics and voltages and many more, but they mainly focus to educate you, in that way they hope that our field will be better.

  FJX Systems Tools are product of young developer in Germany Jan Fabel, as a www.HiUnlock.com we're authorized reseller of his products. They are the first product which can read iOS devices SYSConfig part, what's that and what does it maybe you wonder, that part is including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth informations. Without that information it's not possible to fix or activate device if  there is no NAND. Some repair cases in iPhones when you hit hard some place in mostly NAND memory got damage and it's mandatory to change the NAND processor. So you have to write that information to new NAND. If you don't have recover possibility only choice is FJX.

 EVO Tool is a multitool (Multi Brand Based) that tool not have focus in any specific brand unlike Xiaomi Pro Tool, DFT, TR Tools (They are all focusing in Xiaomi brand). If your shop or jobs mainly focuses in various brands unlike one brand mainly we offer you Evo Tool and UnlockTool those both have 3 month, 6 month, 12 month activations.

 Estech Schematics is very well known new product in our field. That tool has very competitive prices for yearly and 6 month activation you can buy now and use later so it's possible to make stock. That tool also giving daily (every day) updates, so you can use for lots of tools, every day getting bigger database, multiple theme choices, multi layer (layer by layer) motherboard view, every components connections in motherboard in lines and layers. You can use it for repair any device and mainly for Xiaomi as you need. We also have good relations and communications to make your requests add in tools or change as you wish. We mainly recommend you to buy this schematic unlike any other one.

 Avengers Box Dongle is hardware tool which needs one year activation, if you need anytime you can order by our website to renew your activation. But in order to use that tool you have to buy their dongle (smart card and reader) which is not selling by us. If you have multi brand jobs, we can recommend you to have it in your work area. That way you can attract your clients and provide easier solutions in some cases.

 Griffin Unlocker is a multi brand tool, that tool has yearly, monthly activations and credits in some operations. They are offering a lot of operation and that operations can be easily check and learned from Griffin-Unlocker.com that website is telling you model by model and every operation they supported.

 R3 Tool Pro is a multi brand tool and they were first tool which making 2 times world first Samsung devices Google Account Unlock, we are official reseller of them, you can check them in social media and can learn which operations / models they supports. If you deal with factory reset protection devices in most we really recommend you to buy and use one in your daily jobs. 

 Wuxinji / WXJ / FCL Activations are have 2 option 1 Month and 1 Year codes, that codes are securely comes your order history when you order from our database. As a HiUnlock.com we're official reseller of them so you can buy from us by secure. That software mainly focuses on iPhone devices and worldwide first tool which publish iPhone 14 schematics. So that diagrams and electronic information if needs for your job we recommend you to buy at least 1 month code to use and test WXJ (Wuxinji).

 Borneo Schematic is Indonesia company which also serving a software for electronic diagrams and schematics. We recommend you to buy 3 month minimum and test, there is also a trick, that you can buy 2 user option and share with your IT REPAIR technician friends. 

 DC-Unlocker.com credits are easier way for Huawei devices sim unlock, we offer you to check their product if you have infinity dongle already you can activate HCU and DC Unlocker software till 2038. DC-Unlocker team is always worldwide first team who publish Huawei devices solutions such as firmware flashing unlocking sim locks, changing sale area and lots of other operations.

 DZKJ Phone Repair Tools is a tool which you can guess an electronic schematic tool to check electronic ways on motherboard and ohm, diode, voltage values and many more. This tool has 3 year, 3 month, 1 year activations, that activations you can buy from www.HiUnlock.com and you will get activation code as a reply, that codes can be activated in software of DZKJ.

 Mobile Legends Bang Bang credits for online game ranking and in-app purchases. We have direct api and better prices than end users, because we buy in bulk every time. We highly recommend to check our prices in that service group if you're part of that game community.

 MTK GOGO is very powerful tool for unlocking restrictions on Samsung devices which is powered by MediaTek. That tool offers you worldwide first operations with low prices, there is no required activation yearly or monthly but only need to buy credits. More information about that software can be obtain from mtkgogo.com and you can buy anytime fair prices credits.

 In HiUnlock Special's category we give our clients some special services with special prices. Such as currently good selling Ufi Credits, that services adds your UFi account any desired amount credit. You need to have UFi hardware box or dongle afterwards you can order by your AccountID and email which registered in Ufi Box. That credits are flashing in authorized codes to Xiaomi devices which is broken and needs flashing, installing or writing firmware in EDL (Qualcomm Test Point Mode).

 Moto-Key is powerful tool for Motorola devices, that software can unlock restrictions and read informations about cellular (smart phone) that software has unique operations such as any Motorola model instantly unlock factory reset protection. Easily and cheap prices.

 Orbaysoft Teknik Servis Takip Programı is a tool to track your daily inside and outs repair, waiting ones and stock basically ERP and POS system. 

 ChimeraTool is a powerful tool for multi brand but mainly for Samsung and Xiaomi, there is no other tool which is supporting more world first operations than Chimera. We are always recommending you to have Chimera in your job place, shops. Because that tool is one of only tool which do 90% operations for Samsung. You can have ChimeraTool Pro license which includes Samsung and all other brands which is supported by Chimera Tool or you can select Chimera Samsung which is only support Samsung devices which is supported Chimera Tool or you can extend your ChimeraTool Pro activation before one year time is over before left 29 days (max.) That way you can get gift days from Chimera Team maybe. Chimera Tool Credits are required for some operations you can check every operation and their costs in credits (if required) www.chimeratool.com We're official reseller of Chimera Tool and their softwares. We can offer you better prices that is possible if you are reseller or wholesaler. 

 NCK and UMT products are designed by Ultimate Multi Tool and that tool is supporting more than 10 brands in their operations and every single product has different operations inside. UMT has yearly activation that is required to use in every year. Also in Xiaomi flashing operations in EDL mode (some models) requires credits and that credits can be easily buy from www.HiUnlock.com by our api comes to your account fast and smooth. You also have NCK product from UMT tool, that dongle also need physically in order to use UMT or NCK and those both product need yearly renewal. You can buy yearly activations / renewals. 

 Decoders Tool is secret and private developed tool in order to repair multi brand devices, you can use that software to repair some models which is listed as supported. Also that tool has credit system which is required in some operations.

 SamTool is a software which does big operations in Samsung devices by their computers and calculate codes for unlocking restrictions and many more. You can check all supported models, operations and more thing.

 Official activations are includes software licenses yearly and lifetime in various tools with various options you can check by the software official website any process and operation. Those listed tools in mainly for unlocking factory reset protections, flashing firmwares, creating backup from devices and many more thing. You can check every service from their explanations and value of them if you need it or not. All activations, licenses, credits and so on available in www.HiUnlock.com

 Laelo Samsung Unlock by Infinity is a product of Infinity Tool which is doing worldwide first operations and one of oldest software in world for GSM field. Their samsung unlocking tool is Laelo and that tool is one of the cheapest option in unlocking. That software has very low pricing in credits and also consumes per operation low credit amounts.

 EFT Dongle is Easy Firmware Company's product. That software is producing worldwide first methods, solutions and operation by time. That software need authenticator dongle to use it, but this hardware is not available in www.HiUnlock.com you can provide it by their resellers and you can use it till their activation ends. When their activation has been end, you can order from our website one year or two year renewals. If you need you can also add FTP add on, that is a firmware files for various brands and solutions for them. You can download and store in you computer or use it when you need to flash a device. EFT also has without dongle edition, that is not capable to use FTP add on, but you can use EFT Pro software features without any psychical authenticator. That software is yearly renewal but there is no credit system currently.

 EME Tool activation and credits also very high selling product for Vivo based devices. The team is located in China so they also updates in Xiaomi devices too. They're very hardworking to update and compete that tool one of the most selling and used tool because also this tool allows to you make a remote connection with one license for a lot of computers without waiting long times to unblock software. EME Credits is EMT Credits which is need to buy if you are going to flash / install firmware to any xiaomi device in EDL mode or will do any credit consuming operations. Their tool mostly is not consuming credits.

 UnlockTool is multi brand various operations tool, which is most commonly used in Asia. Users chooses because of the tool's world first operations in Vivo and Apple devices. That software is also very successful in area of adopting MacOS only solutions to Windows (which is used shop keepers)

 Combinet key, is firmware website in order to check and download softwares which is running devices. The software area sometimes may include solutions and many more. That way you can use it for your solutions and firmwares.

 Click-Tool is a tool which is doing multi brand operations but unfortunately it's not selling so much nowadays, when they do updates you can check from gsmhosting and if needed you can buy credits and use it.

 Octoplus Products are highly recommended and chosen products from lots of Shop Keepers, IT Device's REPAIR Technicians. That softwares mainly focuses on, Samsung, Huawei, LG and others. The Octoplus products are separated in two ways, one is physical (hardware) ones which needs to connect your computer to run any Octoplus product. Secondly, no hardware but limited time usage (1 year, 6 months or 3 months depends on your activation.) The online ones, which is not required any hardware, can be ordered from hiunlock.com and you will receive instant a string which you need to enter relevant octopus software, if you have hardware octopus but not have activation on it, you can buy activation from www.HiUnlock.com activation online or physically separated by brands, Samsung, LG and Huawei. You are able to choose any of them when you need.

 Xinzhizao is schematic software to show you motherboard voltages, ohms and other values in smartphone, tablet motherboards. That is helping if you are interested with newer devices and directly connection with the developer team. Unlike any other developer team they're very easy to reach and explain about their issues, your software request and many more. In shortly we recommend you to check their daily updates and search for YouTube to explanation videos about their products. 

 Cheetah Tool is worldwide unique solution owner software for starting Samsung and LG, they're almost using same background with chimera and use powerful operations like them. We recommend you to visit their website, cheetah-tool.com and have a look what they do. They support so many features without credits only by license based (yearly licenses) you can buy anytime you need from www.HiUnlock.com and your order will be processed automatically. 

 Sim-Killer is product of Cheetah team for unlocking SIM card restrictions in Samsung devices that codes directly calculated by Sim-Killer tool and they unlock with cheap prices with stable service, you can buy any desired amount credit and test the tool, software is not requiring yearly or monthly licenses.

 Sigma Key is multi brand, various devices and brands supported, software which helps you to repair phones, smartphones, smart watches, tablets and lots of other devices issues including flashing firmware to Huawei devices. Most of you can be getting issue about flashing firmware to Huawei brand devices, that issues is not a big deal in Sigma users but in order to use sigma you need to have it psychically then you can add on anything you want as your request. 

 z3x Box Products are developed by z3x team, and they have lots of worldwide first, they're one of the biggest solution provider for samsung devices. In order to do some operations you need relevant brand activation or credits, we offer you credits and activations for LG and Samsung softwares of z3x team. That software only can be used with dongle or box (hardware authenticator) without one of them it's not possible to use it.

 Uni Android Tool is powerful software for more than one brand and always provides worldwide first unique solutions please check from gsmhosting aboıut their updates and news. If you are interested with any operation they make you can buy and activate that tool. We offer all of our users check their updates and news. 

 Smart Clip 2 is HTC devices focused tool for all operations of HTC devices, you can check their supported operations but they have no update recently. You can check what they do and support. We're highly recommend to check what they have support before order because they don't have any recent update.

 Samkey is powerful software for samsung devices sim unlocks and many more operations and you can check all supported operations from samkey.org and you can oder for any desired amount of credits to process operations. T-Mobile devices need to use Samkey TMO because their processes and operations are different than normal ones.

 Miracle is marvelous tool which is developed worldwide lots of feature worldwide first and unique they are allowing everyone to participate their software as a user, you can check their all operations from miraclethunder.com and if operations suits your requests. You can buy and use the tool.

 As we mentioned earlier Octopus sometimes need credits to use, you can use your credits to perform some operations in octopus software but please don't forget in order to use Octopus you have to buy octopus with valid license or valid physical hardware.

 SamUnlock is one of most selling tool for samsung devices sim unlock operations and their team constantly upgrade their tools by daily updates and many more. 

 Firmware membership services are adds your accounts in relevant website such as easy-firmware.com and you can buy monthly yearly subscriptions or some firmwares which is stated as paid and you can pay the amount with your credits. Usually their ratio s 1 credit = 1 USD, but that can be changed please check and let us if you have any questions.  

 King Tools is Samsung focused tool for sim unlock mainly and other features you can check all of their presented features and updates from their official website kingunlock.net you can reach in any problem their contact / support team to fix your problems.

 HCU means Huawei Client Utility, it's mainly designed and only focused for Huawei devices. They almost server any Huawei every made including Huawei modems, smartphones, tablets, phones and many more. We recommend you check their website and if you deal with Huawei devices have it for all time. This license allows you to read, write firmware, creating backup, restoring backup and fixing network problems and any other possible problem relevant with Huawei.There is 3 day, 1 month, 1 year, 2 year options for HCU licenses. In some operations can be need to buy credits, you can buy credits from HiUnlock.com

 Infinity Dongle and box products are physical, if you have cm2 or infinity or any listed dongle in that service group you can buy possible activation on that card and you can use it. If you don't have it in physically unfortunately you can't use it. You can also add more activation if it's listed in our web. Such as HCU licenses valid till 2038 to your infinity cm2 dongle. And many more.

 Other credits category is mainly for tools which is used only with credits without any activation. You can check tools before order and their operations and you can order from HiUnlock.com every tool has different feature Furious gold is multi brand tool for unlock, repair and backups.

 GCPro is old product for old phones such as Sony Ericsson and Nokia, you can check their website for details and GC Pro is not getting any recent update currently you can be sure about it.

 Global Unlocker is mainly focuses on USA devices, if you're dealing devices which is sold in USA, better to have Global Unlocker for Unlock operations and many more ones.

 GSM Shield box is developed by NCK team, but not continued well if you have psychically the product and if you're sure about the tool server for xiaomi flashing is online you can order.

 MobileSea Tool is multi brand tool almost same operations with unlockTool and they have Xiaomi Authorization flashing unlike other ones, you can check their server status and can order.

 qUnlock Tool is designed flash and unlock tool for Sony devices and reset counter of broken device should 0, if 1 it's not supported. You can check their server status and you can order, use.

 SimUnlocker Pro is separated with three services, one is for sprint devices only, that service creates new user and you can use it. After you have account you can use refill existing user service to refill user account, you also can use Sim Unlocker Pro service to new account creating in SimUnlocker database. That software unlocks sim carrier locks in devices. by super calculations and special methods.

 TFM Pro Tool is indian tool for multi brand devices, you can use for lots of devices in some devices you have to buy credits to perform relevant task, you can check the details from software or websites of them.

 T-Mobile Killer is TMB that can use for lots of different operations in T-Mobile Samsung devices and they have worldwide only solutions for lots of processors and devices. The software mainly focuses on unlocking T-Mobile restrictions. 

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